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Hi! I'm Nyree and I'm the Chief Wordsmith of Well Versed NT. 

I'm a Territorian, living and working in Darwin, as a copywriter. 

My background is a long and boring story about working in politics and then in the public service. But here's the important stuff:

I love writing. Obviously. I can't write fiction to save myself but if you want something factual, I'm your girl.

I also love teaching people how to write. I was almost an English teacher and even did high school prac teaching so I learnt a few things about getting a message across to the most disinterested people in the world: teenagers.

I've done university study in psychology, law and business. It taught me a lot but it also cost me a lot in HECS. Yikes.

I've been in the Territory since 2005, starting out in Alice Springs and then moving to Darwin in 2009. 

Well Versed NT has been operating since July 2017. In that time I've worked on hundreds of projects for dozens of clients.

So why is any of that important to you?

Because if you've read this far, you're looking for someone who knows how to write, who understands the Territory, and can get your message across no matter what the topic or who the audience is. 

If you want your time back and you want results, then you're in the right place.   

Let's get started

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