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Do you remember the last time you heard a great speech? What about a brilliant scripted piece?

There's a pretty good chance that you remember it because it made you feel something as you listened to it.

Happiness, sadness, anticipation, respect, concern, awe.

A great speech is not just about the delivery. A great speech makes your audience feel something and then if it's really good; do something.

What's most important though, is that it sounds like you. There's no use delivering a speech that isn't authentic to who you are and what you value. And if you just try reading written copy, you'll sound like a robot. 

I've written speeches and scripts for politicians, business owners, conference keynote speakers, award presenters, and a Best Man. I've even written eulogies. Each speech is crafted to reflect the topic, the audience and most importantly, the speaker.

I'm a trained SEO copywriter and writing speeches and scripts is my favourite thing to do.  

Tailored package options are available if you need something that's not listed below. Just get in touch!
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If you've got a speech to make and the idea of writing it makes you feel anxious, leave it to me. I'll get a full brief from you and turn your key points into a speech that will keep your audience entertained and awake.

To make sure it sounds like you, we can have a free practice session to iron out any tricky word combinations, emphasis points, personal anecdotes and scripted ad-libs, and work on some strategies to fight the nerves and keep you calm during the speech. 

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If you're writing a script for radio, TV or cinema advertising, or even for longer videos on Facebook, Instagram TV or Youtube, then you might need some help.

You have to get a lot across to your viewers in a short space of time so knowing what to say and how to say it concisely is important. 

We can have a free practice session or I can come to the recording/taping to make sure the script works for you or your actors and make any changes needed as we go.
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Recent Speech & Script Projects


Prepared a 3-minute script for children from the Sadadeen Quad Squad to provide safety information to race-goers about trace weekend.
This was a reversal of the usual roles of parents telling kids what to do. In this video, the kids told each other how to keep their parents safe.
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Every day your copy isn't right is a day your customers aren't finding you. 

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